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Have a sweet Gum, a red one:GUM 15& 14!

A new shoot with the Horus setup, Gum 15 is a nebula 2500 to 3000 light years away in the southern constellation of Vela.

Wow! This is a classic emission nebula, glowing red due to warm hydrogen gas.

See that bright star right in the middle? That's HD 74804, a blue star that is blasting out light that is absorbed by the atoms in the gas around it, making their electrons jump up an energy level. When the electrons jump back down, they emit a characteristic red hydrogen-alpha photon.

You can also see wisps of blue, too. Those are dusty streamers. reflecting and scattering the blue light of the star back to us. You can see dark dust all through the nebula, that thick lane in the middle reminds me of the Trifid Nebula, in fact.


CCT Team.


5 hrs 20 min on each RGB. And 10 hours on Ha

Prism and pixinsight

Feb 28-March 3 2022

Copyright : Phillip Esce data & processing

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