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  • Capt.Eric Recurt

Astrograph 750mmF2.8-building- (Chapter 1)

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Our passionate team wanted to keep you posted on the advancement of the construction of our main instrument (750mm F2.8) : the first aluminum parts went through the anodization process, most of them are now about to be completed.

We are extremely happy with the results, the precision and tolerances remain all within the limits we set during the virtual design: witnessing those bits taking shape one by one turning into reality is of the upmost excitement.

As you can see on the attached photograph, a lot of care was taken to limit excess weight by removing all unnecessary raw material in order to keep the total weight as low as possible.

All other parts will be made of 100% carbon in order to remain very light and we hope rigid enough to keep up with the shear size and weight of this primary mirror.

The overall design is very inovative, we know that a few challenges will have to be overcome but they will be fixed in time to make this unique instrument stand out from the rest of the astrograph designs and exceed their performances.

Let's meet again next time for further news concerning the progress of the CCT astrograph.

CCT Team copyright 2020-2021

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